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September 2012 Newsletter


This Month’s Featured Writer is
Bob Olynyk




"For God so Loved the world, that He gave His Only begotten Son, that whoever Believeth in Him, should not perish, but have Everlasting Life". John 3:16
Now, I don't know about you folks, but when I read this, see it on a poster or have it go through my mind, tears fill my eyes.
What a Powerful statement of Devoted Love in the most giving way. Where else can one find such a commitment, a gift given to anyone / everyone in the most difficult of ways?
To give one's Son, not only to catch the attention of all, (which Jesus sure did do, didn't He), but to give everyone a chance to have a better life, simply by following a basic set of simple God given rules, (The Ten Commandments), and by following these rules, we are invited to " Walk With and Walk For Jesus, Accepting Him as Our Lord and Savior. Sounds easy enough. Just walk with this Dude, agree with Him and all will be O-Kee Do-Kee, eh. Hang on Ya'll. Not quite so.
There is the story of years ago, when a proud Christian Father, in Europe would take his son to work with him on weekends. His job was that of a bridge master. He was to raise and lower the railroad track bridge, when ships entered and departed the busy harbor. It was a job with great pressure as loaded trains crossed constantly and ships could not stop on the spot if the bridge was not of proper height to allow them to pass under.
The mechanical gears on the bridge were basically exposed in a restricted area, on both sides of the bridge and posed a disastrous danger to anyone near.
One Beautiful Sunday, after church, the Father's young son came to spend time, with his Papa. As would any young energetic the little gaffer, like a day old calf, was running and jumping all over the deck, Suddenly and without warning, the little fella, got too close to the guard rail, slipped on the deck and tumbled in between the rails, landing on the main drive gear.
With the ship almost passed under and a speeding passenger train closing in, the young boy screamed for help, as his clothing was caught in the mechanism. Calling to his son to please hurry and come out the father could not leave his post as the ship was by now cleared the passage and the express train with hundreds of people was just around the corner, speeding towards the raised bridge blowing its whistle with urgency, to lower the bridge.
As I type this with tears in my eyes, a hard lump in my throat and my heart pounding with the force of rolling thunder in a storm, let me say this to you people, " I Love my only Son Brad, with all my heart and always will. I think of and Pray for him daily. He is a part of my body and always will be!
What would I do in this case? What would you do"?
As did Our Heavenly Father with His Son, we can clearly see and hopefully understand how and why, this true story ended.
In a nutshell: my point being two fold.
Firstly, we all are children of "One Loving Heavenly Father". Let’s act and perform as such.
We are asked to share our all in every way, with our earthly family. Let’s do it, starting now. As tomorrow never comes and today is the present, let us give of this gift with the world.
Lastly, God has Never stated that His Path was the easiest one to follow, but He has Promised us all that it will pay out with the Best Benefits Ever. Hey, He even tossed in a 100% Guarantee, to boot.
Now beat that Wally's Sam-Depot!
Don't procrastinate folks. Want to "hear" Proof of Our Father's Love? Sure You do. Then, Go to "Inspiration Corner of this site and Listen, for yourself".
Now, how about you, yes you, writing us something that we can all share. We would Love to have you send us a newsletter or two or more. Let God have the pen. He'll direct you, big time.
Thank-you Father for What You are and Who You are: Our Heavenly Most Loving Father. Bless you folks.
Bob Olynyk
p.s. "Why tomorrow Never comes" by: Bob Olynyk, Proud God Loving Ukrainian Boy from Canada. "Tomorrow Never comes because, when tomorrow comes, it is no-longer tomorrow, but now today". I rest my case.

Click Here to view the movie "Most", which means "The Bridge". 33 minutes.


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