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This Month's Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian
Christian Cowboy

As I had a flight to catch, and with tears in our eyes; lovingly and without words; we looked into each other's eyes and deep within our hearts we both knew, that "this moment would be the last".
Now frail and failing, I supported her once strong body which had Blessed us
with a beautiful daughter years ago, we stood there looking into each other’s
eyes, venturing back some forty years. Her still beautiful soft lips as she
smiled, the always present love filled radiance of her cheerful sparkling
eyes, which shone straight to her tender precious heart, showed scars of her
fourteen year path of her battle with cancer, but her attitude, smile, eyes,
Faith  and Spirit stood firm like a rock. She was a Keeper!
In my life I have been extremely Blessed to have travelled to many places,
met with, talked to and shared with thousands of all races of people, all
over our country, sharing My Personal Love and Blessings, from God.
Now, as a matter of actual fact, we all have God, but do we use Him? That is
the question.
In this newsletter, I have two points which I am trying to share with you
who are reading this. The "Windows to the Heart and God's Faithful Blessings".
Now, over the years, God, has also Blessed me with; sharing people’s hearts, simply
by listening to their voice, watching their facial expressions, then
focusing into their eyes.
"The eyes are; The "Window to the heart". Not only the facial expressions,
like the mouth, the lips, the eye brows but the eyes themselves, the eyes, tell all!
All over and constantly, I watch people. Their actions, dress, style, habits, speech etc.
All that is a story within its self.
Above all and in the end, it is the eyes that tell the real inner story.
This is why, over the years and all my life, I have gone for the eyes right
off the get-go. Looking directly into the person's eyes, will show their
heart. "Try this for yourself". For example, hold someone's face gently in
your hands, look directly into their eyes and with true meaning in your
heart: "Tell them how much you Love them". NOW READ THEIR HEART!
Yesterday, after a funeral, a Christian friend and myself, spent some
quality time with my God-son Darcy, who is a world known, semi-retired horse
racing jockey/trainer. Over the course of his professional career,
 Darcy has brought in "Millions" of dollars for the clients and has made himself
"Huge" percentage wages. "From lime lite to liquor". Darcy is a good man,
 I Love him to no end, but like many others, including myself many years ago,
"Too much money can lead to problems, in every way!".
As we talked yesterday, I could see in Darcy's heart thru his eyes and how
he was really out to clean up his act just as "His God-Pa Bob" did years
ago. I told him how I Lost everything because I put money before first
in my life, “including God". Darcy has refocused quite well, has a ways to
go but he and his daughter are now seeing each other much more often.
 I am so proud of this young man.  He is rebuilding family, friend
and social bridges, Thank-you Father.
After the funeral fellowship ended, at another location, my friend Robert and I met
 and fellowshipped with a native fella, Brad, is an extremely talented skilled,
hands on man, in his late forties, who has worked, in the oil patch,
made tons of money and like Darcy and myself, got into money issues and the liquor problem, big time. Brad has again, signed himself into a hospital and associated detox
centre, this Tuesday. Like Darcy, as Brad and I shared, I kept focus on this
man's eyes. This guy is on his last life line and now finally and truly
realizes that this is the last time and he has to make it to dry out. As he
stated that it is mainly for himself as he is losing everything and he does
not want to lose his beautiful 10 year old daughter. (Darcy's daughter is also 10).
Whatever issues one has at any given time, good, bad or otherwise,
they are clearly shown, thru the "Window to the heart", the eyes.
Don't be fooled by a fake smile or a, “Oh I'm ok; everything is fine"
statement. Step right up to the plate, get into their face, smile, look into
the eyes, then make your move, whatever it may be. I find with me, right
there and then, God will step in, give me the words to speak and what to do.
What an Awesome Blessing and He will do the same with you.
You, YES YOU, try using what God has given to us all. The inner Love to
reach out and uplift people, even if it is one person at a time.
Watch their movement, see what they do, approach them as I do with an open
Loving cheerful smile and warm greeting. Take God with you and you'll be
Blown Away at the reactions of people. When you are with them sharing
their comfort zone, look directly into their eyes talk with them with
whatever God places within you. Open up and speak about their beautiful
family as they are shopping, their dog, their truck or car, or
whatever, all the time focusing on their eyes. You'll be winning hearts
all the time, just like me! I am so Blessed with people and life's Love!
Well, after we embraced, tears in our eyes, a Stronger than ever Love within
our hearts, we said to each other, "See you again soon, ok", yet as we
looked into each other's eyes, we both knew that "this moment would be the
last"! A week later, while loading building material for a project, in
another province, my cell phone rang, my daughter's number, I leaned
against the truck as I answered the call, knowing what was coming.
Dad, I am here with Mom, my heart stopped, as Joelle carried on, Mom just
passed away in my arms a couple minutes ago, Dad she's gone, she cried as
she said how after suffering cancer for fourteen years, there is no more
pain anymore, she's in Heaven now. I too broke down and said that I would get
the next flight.
Watch people, look at their movements, talk to them, look into their eyes,
share with them, help build and rebuild your and other lives. God has instilled all the requirements within each one of us.
I only wish I had more funds to expand and outreach further as we have
people in need of God's Love and His Word, all over. My Faith tells me that;
"God Will Provide My Finances in Some Way". I Hope and Pray that my sharing
this with you, will Bless You in some way and that you Will Share with others.
Why don't you write us a "Newsletter"? Seriously, pray on it and watch God step
in and help you to write us an awesome testimony!
Take care folks and remember that; "God Always Blesses those who Bless others and
 for those, who Believe and Follow His Son Jesus", They Will be Blessed,
with Everlasting Life!  Amen

 Bob Olynyk          "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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