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September 2020 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Anita Escobar

Praise the Lord!

It is indeed a wonderful privilege to share my testimony! We have been friends with Bob Olynyk for quite a time already. He is a dear friend, a man of God who went through many storms of life too but I am so blessed of his life because despite of ups and downs in life, it did not cause him to stop serving the Lord! He is a dear friend and a co-servant in the Lord. Actually, I and my husband who already went home with the Lord studied in a Bible college and graduated together. But we were still single then, but it was the Lord too that made us one in marriage because we both were called by God. We went through many hardships in the ministry but we were able to start a Bible school, raised many workers/pastors opened churches but financially it was so hard for us. We feed them and we have 3 teachers who are also pastors who helped us in teaching the students, they do not have salary in their service as teachers because they to have the passion to do the Lord's work. But my heart is really to teach children too academically and spiritually So, I with my husband decided to start a Christian school but I could notBecause I did not have a degree in education so I enrolled in college to take Bachelor of Science in elementary education and after 4 years of schooling, I graduated, took the Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) and thank God I passed the board exam. So,I started the kindergarten grade and every year the level was going up and today we have from kindergarten-Grade 10. The students were taught academically and spiritually and many of them accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts until they proceeded to the tertiary level and from our students many became professionals. Many were saved and many are still being drawn to God's Kingdom! Glory to God! The work of the Lord must continue until I can with my family and we are doing this since the Lord called us. My late father was a lay preacher whose heart is to win souls as he has the heart and the gift of doing personal work. He would leave us his family (We were yet small children then) my mother who raises 9 children. He work in our farm Monday-Thursday and Fridays-Saturday he will find souls to be won for Christ. So we we're raised as preachers kids. We live a simple and modest life. But we are happy. Our father was a good provider and disciplinarian. Before going to bed, he will teach us the word of God and each one of us were taught how to pray. That is why only one of the siblings did not go to Bible school. She became a public school teacher. She is our youngest sibling. Praise the Lord! So from the Bible school where workers/pastors were raised, were shifted it into a Christian school. I have been the principal for many years until I felt it was time for me to pass the great responsibility to my son who succeeded his father as the school administrator and pastor of our Church, his wife is now the school principal, my only daughter who is a still single and a graduate of Information Technology is the school secretary and keeps the records and the cashier too. My family work together in raising future leaders of our country. My husband died in sept 23 2013It was not easy to shoulder so great responsibility, the Church and school, but thank God my son has the same heart for the work of the Lord! Opening a school is not easy. There are many requirements that need to be complied. And thank God with much prayers and hard work we were able to get the recognition by the Gov't. under the Dept. of education! We were also granted the privilege of having our high school students a scholarship from the Gov't. They are all scholars of our govt! To God be the Glory! In this pandemic covid-19 times in which many private schools closed due to small enrollment and finances is so tight but MSCSI was blessed to start the school year 2020-2021. It is not easy since the mode of learning is online and modules; students need to stay in their homes while the parents come to school to get the modules for face to face learning is not allowed. MSCSI is a ministry to the less fortunate families and this ministry will continue until Jesus will call us home! Children are so precious in the Lord's sight. Dear friends, brothers and sisters, we need your fervent prayers for this ministry. Finances is so tight due to this pandemic covid 19 but our God is great! He is our Jehovah Jireh , Our El Shaddai and Our Jehovah Shalom! We are praying for partners in giving education to the less fortunate Filipino children, academically and spiritually, Jesus's return, I believe is about to occur, so let us occupy till he comes, let us work while it is day, for night comes when no man can already work. To God be the glory and honor!

Sis Anita Escobar of Greater life Ministries and MSCSI Philippines


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