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When I was growing up as a child, later as a teen then as an adult, I always appreciated the affection, attention and wisdom shared with my sister and myself, by our parents.
We never had much money, times were tough, and Dad worked his body to the ground to support us as our stay-at-home Mom did a week’s work around the house and yard in a twenty four day.
We were taught to Love, Honor and Respect one another as in our Family, Friends, Fellow Man and God.
Mom taught us of the Trinity and how it all came about.
Wow, I loved this stuff. This God guy was neat and His Son Jesus was a pretty nice guy too.
We were taught how to Fellowship, Be Honest and Truthful, to have Self-respect and the "limits" of self-pride and where being "Humble" should step in.
To be up-front with everything and everyone, Love from the heart and give with The Spirit.
I loved my parents to no limit and through we may have been financially poor for many years, “We were Rich with not only Our Family Love but God's Love Blessings as well and Mom's reading and sharing the Bible".
I'll never forget the day, when I received one of my dreams come true, My very own, as I wished and Prayed for a White with Gold sides King James Bible at the age of ten. I never did find out where Mom got the money to buy it. Probably did some sewing repairs for someone using her reliable Singer sewing machine, to raise it.
Over the years, God has offered me many paths with many doors.
I chose good, I chose bad, as I am human but I was never left alone.
I have some Awesome personal Life eye opening testimonies that I personally share with people when invited and Love doing so as I get to Openly Share just what God has done with me and what He can do for You.
Some of my personal testimonies will, blow your socks off, literally.
One of the paths I chose a number of years ago and opened the door at the end, was to openly start this Christian web-site Ministry, where there was to be "No Limit" as to what we would do to get God's Word out to the world, as long as it was Christian Rooted, God Got the Glory and we Opened the doors to "All Who Need God's Help" Thru Us as His Shepherds.
I have with Pride Always and Completely Supported this Ministry 100% out of my personal pocket without any problems.
For years, I have turned down financial supporters as "My Pride" was ruling me without me really thinking about that fact.
Well, now we are in need and after a Lot of Personal Prayer & Prayers from others, I said to myself, what did Mom, Dad, and Jesus Do?
Well, if there were such a word, it would be de-pride or humble themselves.
It is with this comment that since an injury from an accident a few years ago bringing my work to a near halt and causing a major decrease in my income, I have listened to friends, people in general and mostly to My Father God's Words of support, and I admit that, "I can no longer carry on the expenses of the Ministering and the web-site on my own".
My pride aside, I Humbly ask that you Pray for this Ministry, for Cheryl my Awesome God Blessed Designer, the Artists, the festivals/events/programs/fellowship/people and Everyone who comes here to this site to be Blessed beyond their wildest dreams ever.
Now, I ask for Your Prayers for me personally. I ask for God's Guidance, Leadership, Attentiveness with people to whom I share and mentor.
I ask for His Spirit within Me, to Lead me where He wants Me to go, to Console, to Fellowship, to Share, to Love, to Lead, to do Whatever it is that I Must do, through His Desires to bring His Children together as One; To lead them to the Tree of Everlasting Love and Life, by accepting His Son, Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.
To Personally See His Love within me, I desire to Radiate His Love where ever I go as His Is Within me for all to see.
We are, at present, in the process of setting up Canadian and USA, mail in donation centers, with well-known established Christian Ministries.
I pray that when You Hear God Speak to Your Heart and You reply with Your Love Offering, be it large or small, remember this people: "To God it is Everything" and for that You Will be Blessed Equally.
Bless The Gift and The Giver, from the Heart and to the Heart With Never Ending Love and Thankfulness, I Pray this for Your support to Our Ministry.
Once we have completed the donation acceptance programs/procedures, we will complete this page and open the mail boxes to accept your offerings of support.
As we have received many requests, we are also currently looking adding a future addition to the site, being dedicated in "Spanish".

Now, as He has with me, “May God open the Windows of Heaven, Bless You, Keep You All and Carry You All" as we Desire to walk this Earth as One. Amen.
Your Friend and Brother in Christ, Bob Olynyk "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: bobolynyk@shaw.ca



Thank you & God Bless!

~ Bob Olynyk ~

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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